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"Down the Lane"

Updated: May 3, 2022

The rough Montana highway curved around hilltops and grasslands like the tracks of a roller coaster at the county fair. Fence lines and cattle welcomed us with each mile, as we made our way to a small farmhouse at the end of a long gravel lane. A lack of road signs created the need for a pit stop at the local post office to gather directions through open-ended questions to maintain HIPAA guidelines in a small agricultural town.

We grinned with excitement as we found the lane we were searching for. Unlike your typical driveway, painted with beautiful landscaping and flowers, this driveway was a beauty of its own. This driveway was painted with little black calves that danced with us as we drove by. They kicked and ran right alongside us like a western welcoming parade. This driveway was not paved, but rather a rough gravel road that spoke stories of travels in and out to tend the land and livestock each day.

The grin of the ranch's main boss met us at the door waving and welcoming. She stood about 5 foot 4 inches tall, she was thin, but her strength and grit were unmistakable. I admired her before I even had the honor of shaking her hard-working hand. Behind her was her husband, just as strong. He sat at his wife’s hip in the seat of a black weathered powerchair. It was evident that the two ranchers rarely let things get them down but today was a very happy day. Today was his day to “get new wheels”. We made the trip down the lane today to help fit this gentleman for a new custom power wheelchair.

The room was filled with love and tender care as the wife transferred her husband over to his new wheelchair. As he sat back into his chair his expression was filled with comfort and relief. “This one will get me down the lane without rattling me so bad” he said with a mile-wide smile. My eyes began to pool as the gentleman pressed the button that raised the chair to the height of his wife, looking her in the eyes while she stood next to him for the first time in years.

As we made our way back down the lane visions of happiness appeared in the rearview mirror. Visions of dinners at high top tables, visions of comfort throughout the day, visions of the love that sparkled in each of their eyes as they looked at each other face to face, visions of quality of life, happiness, and love-- down the lane.

Seating & Mobility Resources in Montana: National Seating & Mobility 406-969-4733 American Seating & Mobility 406-651-0055 Sources: Jazzy air Power wheelchair - new - free shipping: Marcs Mobility: Marc's mobility. Marcs Mobility. (n.d.).

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